♥ 02/14/2024 ♥
>> 6 celebrity PNGs
>> 6 movie PNGs

♥ 10/12/2023 ♥
>> 20 celebrity PNGs
>> 16 movie PNGs
>> 8 tv shows PNGs
>> 8 vectors PNGs

♥ 11/09/2019 ♥
>> 24 celebrity PNGs
>> 8 movie PNGs
>> 4 tv shows PNGs

♥ 03/23/2018 ♥
>> 4 celebrity PNGs
>> 6 movie PNGs
>> 2 tv shows PNGs


First update of the year, yeahhh!!! *cheers* And it's a proper one, with a new look and new additions; so without dawdling further, let's proceed.
Meet v04 Styled, featuring a basic stylesheet color-coded by me (the color scheme is by Rose from LAM Designs); I'm very happy with out it turned out, but let me know what you think.
Now onto the additions; they're not many, but it's been a while since I last made any so I'm pretty giddy about it. Anyway, here's the (short) list. I love the celebrities one (and they were the hardest to render), but the movie ones are so freaking cute. ♥♥
Enjoy the new batch; see ya, and have a great week-end. :3

Newest additions

A peak of the latest added renders (details in the updates box).



I wrote this entry in 2019...and now it's 2023. That is what has passed since last update...OMG.^^;;;;;; But at least I have something really worth it to make up for the absence, including a new look for v03 - called Beauty and featuring an absolutely gorgeous Chris Hemsworth header made by the super-talented Maddie @ Vintage Love Designs.
But now let's talk additions: for the first time since opening the time, I managed to update - as in adding new renders - every single category, for a total of 52 new renders; here's the full detailed list. I'm rather proud of this batch, as I've never added so many pngs in a single update in my entire graphics sites history.
Enjoy (hopefully) the new renders; take care, and see you next time. :3
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