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I wrote this entry in 2019...and now it's 2023. That is what has passed since last update...OMG.^^;;;;;; But at least I have something really worth it to make up for the absence, including a new look for v03 - called Beauty and featuring an absolutely gorgeous Chris Hemsworth header made by the super-talented Maddie @ Vintage Love Designs.
But now let's talk additions: for the first time since opening the time, I managed to update - as in adding new renders - every single category, for a total of 52 new renders; here's the full detailed list.
  • 20x Celebrities;
  • 16x Movies;
  • 8x TV Series.
  • 8x Stock/Vectiors.
I'm rather proud of this batch, as I've never added so many pngs in a single update in my entire graphics sites history.
Enjoy (hopefully) the new renders; take care, and see you next time. <3

Newest additions

A peak of the latest added renders (details in the updates box).



OMG, I can't believe it's been more than a year since I opened - and updated - Stellavagant. I don't really have excuses to justify my absence, I'm just so incredibly sorry for being m.i.a. for so long. But let's not waste any more time, and move to the new part: v02 of the site is called Amazing, and features the super-talented Hugh Jackman; the stylesheet is from a long-closed site, whereas the header was done by me using images I found on Twitter.
But now let's move onto the most important part: the new renders; I added a total of 36 new renders, "divided" as follow.
  • 24x Celebrities;
  • 8x Movies;
  • 6x TV Series.
The huge number of the celebrities' pngs is the result of my obsession with photopacks available on DeviantART...I just can't stop browsing them. xD
I hope you enjoy the new PNGs; take care, and until next time. <3

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