..to Stellavagant, Ast3rism's corner for celebrities, stock, movies and tv shows renders. The site is currently on v02 Amazing, featuring talented actor Hugh Jackman; read the Terms and enjoy. ♥


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Welcome to the grand opening of Stellavagant, Ast3rism's twin corner dedicated to non-anime PNGs; the site is on v01, called With you and featuring an image from Marvel's Captain America. There are currently 48 renders, divided as following.
  • 16x Celebrities;
  • 18x Movies;
  • 6x Vector/stock images;
  • 8x TV Series.
36 were already available on Ast3rism, but there are 12 brand new ones - 4x celebrities, 6x movies and 2x tv series.
Enjoy the new batch; until next time. <3